This book has a practical reason to describes meaning and impact of “digital literacy” skill on business performance in current, digital times.

All leaders, managers and employees who understand inevitability of digital changes in a current,  business environment can essentially prepare themself for running digital transformation with help of advices given in this book.

"Digital literacy" is one of the most crucial competencies necessary for leaders who want to change their company into a digital enterprise and need therefore appropriate knowledge base.

In this book you’ll find:
-    Suggestions of useful tools and techniques, how to strengthen digital literacy skill,
-    Ready-to-use list of courses (both in classes and on-line) you can attend to increase your knowledge,
-    Summary which you can use as a reference of necessary actions (or checklist) to increase your digital literacy and that can be introduced in your company and also:
-    List of useful books and web pages you can use for further comprehension.


Reviewed by Astrid Iustulin for Readers' Favorite

Digital Literacy is the second entry in a series of short and informative books by Digital Studio Management. They are intended as guides that offer many valuable suggestions while inviting readers to learn more from other sources. In this book, the subject is digital literacy. What is it? Digital literacy is a skill that entrepreneurs have to master if they want their companies to thrive in a digital environment. Digital literacy refers to how you communicate on digital platforms, and it is a crucial factor in your success. Digital Literacy is the best way to learn where to start, especially if you are not a digital native and have no idea about how to deal with technology. This book reveals how to improve your digital workplace, how to understand and use the information you gather, and how to build a digital community – and more.

As in the first volume, Digital Strategic Thinking, Digital Studio Management has done a great job with Digital Literacy. This book effectively explains everything an entrepreneur needs to know and is a valuable starting point. It explores the subject thoroughly, reveals tools and techniques, and suggests where to find more information about digital literacy. I like that it presents a list of offline and online resources where the reader can learn more, including courses, books, and websites. As in the other books of the series, I appreciate the layout and the highlighting of important concepts. I recommend this book not only to readers who are unfamiliar with digital literacy but also to those who already know the subject and want to clarify their ideas or find valuable advice for their businesses.

Awarded 5-stars by Readers Review

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