Current world is unpredictable and fast-changing. Even the best strategy has to possess a space for changes if (or as soon as) external or internal conditions or prerequisites change.

This book is for all kind of leaders, managers and employees who understand inevitability of digital change in a business environment and therefore would like to be essentially prepared for it. This book is for all those that wants to live educated and well-prepared, in a current so-called Digital Ages.

This book covers content of adaptivity and flexibility two of crucial skills necessary for leaders who want to change their company into a digital enterprise and need therefore appropriate knowledge base. By Forbes, adaptability provides a foundation for change.

In this book you’ll find:

  • Suggestions of useful tools and techniques how to strengthen digital skills that hopefully help you to lead your company through digital change also called: “digital transformation”,
  • Summary which you can use as a reference of necessary actions (or checklist) to increase your digital literacy and that can be introduced in your company and also:
  • List of useful books and web pages you can use for further comprehension.


Reviewed By Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite

"Adaptivity And Flexibility and Tools and Techniques How to Develop It by Digital Studio Management is an insightful and helpful manual that will guide readers to live well and be educated in these digital times. Adaptivity and flexibility are two important skills that are required for leaders in this modern age to make changes in their companies and adapt them to digital enterprises. The digital age is the time when people use digital means of communication and technology both in business and for everyday purposes. The tools and techniques in the book make it easier for readers to understand and respond better to changed conditions, experiences, and circumstances.

The book is a perfect read in these times when change is constant and when technology is booming. The book will help readers to use Adaptivity Skills in the era of digital transformation. The suggestions and tools given in the book are valuable and will come in handy when it comes to change. The space to write notes and comments on what to do is a good idea. It is useful and will make readers participate in the book while reading it. The author does not give any long, drawn-out lectures on how to go about dealing with the changing times. Instead, he makes the text crisp, simple, and neat, helping readers to comprehend his words and put them into practice easily. It is definitely a good book for readers to develop digital literacy skills and a list of useful books and web pages shared by the author will help readers to enhance their knowledge about digital communication skills.

Awarded 5-stars by Readers Review

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