Why it is important to be curious and hungry for learning?

Curiosity opens you in many ways but those most worth to mention are:

1. Curiosity opens you for new possibilities.

Being curious makes you more exposed to new ideas and new ways to solve issue you can face. When you ask question: “why?” you make it possible to get new solutions instead of simply giving directions, answers and commands. Being “curious” for Digital Leader means: “to make experiments, quantify, search, experience…” It means also: “let’s try” instead of: “we have done it before, it doesn’t work”. Being intellectually curious let you stay open despite previous (sometimes negative) experiences.

2. Curiosity sets you in the observation position.

Put yourself in an observation position and focus on that. When carefully observing your surrounding you can find things you haven't seen before. Something that will inspire you and let you think and see things differently. Thinking differently means “finding a new (better) way”. Opens a new thinking channel.

3. Curiosity changes so far set way of thinking.

After observation you'll find that you start to think differently. Instead of following known route you will search for new paths and possibilities. You’ll think differently and you’ll act differently.

4. Curiosity brings excitement.

Once discovered new paths and solutions you'll be excited about it. It's like when you finally find missing word in your crossword or last puzzle in your picture is finally in the right place. You are truly happy about your achievement!

5. Curiosity sets your activity.

Remembering how exited you were by researching the solution you finally found, you'll be hungry for more. It makes your brain to think actively instead of passively following known patterns. Curiosity rises new curiosity. You'll be self-started about next research and searching for new knowledge.

More on that topic find out in our book: "INTELLECTUAL CURIOSITY and Tools and Techniques How to Develop it.: Digital Skills Series. Short Read: BOOK 4.